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Each product within the Little Rose & Awakening Your Rose ranges are crafted with natural and organic ingredients wherever possible, a testament to a mothers heartfelt commitment to providing safe and nurturing products for her daughter and fellow mothers alike.

Testimonials from clients

  • Awakening Your Rose

    I connected with awakening your rose to support me with my cycles. I struggle with with painful bleeds & irregular/long cycles. I found Lynnaire has helped me into understanding my womb space more, sending a deeper love & connecting to my womb space. I have been working with Lynnaire for the past 5-6 cycles & we have been able to get my irregular cycles down from 50 days to 30 something days. Lynnaire is such a wise soul & I truly felt her passion towards the support. - Highly recommend this beautiful medicine

    - Zoe

  • Awakening Your Rose

    Ahhh I got my period last night after week 4 of steaming with your magical medicine and i'm so happy! It was literally the day after I steamed this week! After 2 years of that marina in me messing with my natural hormones and brain function, having no period the whole time and not knowing what's going on for my body, I feel so relieved. I'm never going to lose track of my cycle again, that was such a wake up call. Thank you so much for your magic <3 - Anon.

  • Awakening Your Rose

    As a post partum mama, my body has undergone alot of changes in the past 10 months. I am currently breastfeeding which means I have an absent period. I steam once a month on a full moon to help me connect with my feminine cycle, and even better to promote healing of my womb after birth. Steaming has helped to prevent hormone - related vaginal dryness, faster healing of my birth tears, and also noticeably helped to contract my uterus back down after birth. I love honouring my body, yoni and womanhood through steaming each month to celebrate what it has done to bring a baby earthside and it's healing journey.

    - Rebecca