Our Story

The journey of Little Rose is deeply rooted in Lynnaire's personal story. In 2021, she embarked on a fertility journey with the dream of becoming a mother, yet encountered various challenges along the way.

Determined to explore natural solutions to support conception, Lynnaire transitioned her lifestyle to embrace 100% natural products and even began crafting her own. This shift towards a low-tox lifestyle not only facilitated her journey to motherhood but also inspired her to birth Little Rose named after her beautiful daughter, Riley Rose.

Throughout her pregnancy, Lynnaire prioritized minimizing exposure to chemicals and began creating products for her daughter, a practice she continues to this day. With a firm belief in natural living and a passion for womb health, Lynnaire delved into studying the intricacies of supporting mothers through various stages—from maidenhood and menstrual cycles to motherhood, postpartum, and labour. She is a qualifed yoni steam practioner who dives into working with herbs, pure essential oils and connecting with nature.  

Little Rose and Awakening Your Rose emerged as a manifestation of her dedication to chemical-free living and holistic womb health. Each product within the Little Rose & Awakening Your Rose ranges are crafted with natural and organic ingredients wherever possible, a testament to Lynnaire's heartfelt commitment to providing safe and nurturing products for her daughter and fellow mothers alike.

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